Devils in the


An unforgettable after dark experience to see devils in their natural habitat. Enjoy Tasmanian wine and a cheese platter while you watch these amazing animals interact.


The Park

Native animals in their natural habitat!

East Coast Natureworld sits amongst 150 acres of natural parkland and lagoons. The perfect place to experience Tasmania's unique animals, birds, reptiles
The extensive park grounds allow you to wander around at your own leisure. Wheelchair & pram friendly paths allow all to experience the uniqueness of Tasmania up close.
A variety of food and drink is served in the Gallery Cafe. For the wildlife photography enthusiast there is an extensive display of Tasmanian wildlife photography.
The shop has a wide range of souvenirs with a Tasmanian wildlife theme.
Your experience begins as you are greeted by two very chatty Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, some very inquisative Wallabies and an amazing view of the lagoon.

The Animals

Pat some of our babies.

As a sanctuary we care for orphans of the road, we hand raise many native animals until they are big enough to find food for themselves. At the park our range of animals varies from Wombats, Tasmanian Devils, Forester Kangaroo, and Spotted Quolls to reptiles and some spectacular feathered friends.

Natureworld has a 28 acre secure site we provide as our contribution to the save the Tasmanian devil program. We look after part of the insurance population of devils. These devils are disease free and hopefully will one day contribute to the repopulation of wild areas as sites are identified as secure and disease free. We have donation boxes available at our wildlife park to help us keep these magnificent creatures safe and secure.


Feeding times are a great chance to get up close and personal with the animals its also a chance to meet the keeper and ask questions about the animals and the park. You are welcome to feed the free ranging animals anytime when you come across them on your walk around. These include kangaroos, wallabies, ducks, peacocks, deer and more. Feeding of animals within enclosures is prohibited. We would rather this was done at feeding times by the keeper to ensure the animals recieve their correct diet . Some of the animals in enclosures will bite and should only be fed by park staff.

Feed bags are available at any time for you to feed the free ranging animals.

​10.00 am: Tasmanian devils
12.00 am: Wombats

We have a cafe onsite offering morning and afternoon tea

​as well as light lunches!


Monday — Sunday
9.30am — 4.30pm
ADULT - $29
CHILD - $16
(3 CHILDREN) - $95

East Coast Natureworld
18356a Tasman Highway
Bicheno, Tasmania

P (03) 6375 1311